Sunday, October 19, 2008

KMD - Peach Fuzz

(Kausing Much Damage) or KMD was a group of the 90's that didn't have a huge list of hits ,but the ones that they did have are now hip hop classics. KMD consisted of Zev Love X, his younger brother DJ Subroc and Rodan. Rodan eventually left the group to finish high school and was replaced by The Rapper Onyx. Zev Love and DJ Subroc later began production of the album Black Bastards which was shelved because the cover art was to controversial. During the production of Black Bastards Subroc was tragically killed when he was struck by a car. After the death of his younger brother the man we know as Zev Love disappeared from the hip hop scene.

Oh yeah! Zev Love X currently goes by the name of MF DOOM.

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